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Dear All
I have an Excel spreadsheet (2002) which contains our media library (it's
pretty small and
very basic!)
Column A contains a catalogue number (eg exa.00001, bk.00023, etc.)
Column B contains the name of the person who has borrowed the item

I was hoping to make a webpage with a couple of fields so that when
borrowing an item, people can simply visit the page, type the catalogue
number in one field and their name in the other field.
(It would be quite nice if when they press a button the details of the media
(taken from the spreadsheet) is
then showed on screen - but this isn't essential.)
Then, when they press a Confirm button, the entries they've made should
update on the spreadsheet and the conditional formatting of the spreadsheet
should then step in.

Can anyone advise on whether this is possible and how I should make up the
Also, if it is possible. What problem might there be if more than one person
accessed it at once, or if someone completed a loan on the webpage at the
same time as someone was working on the spreadsheet?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Web form to Excel

It was somewhere outside Barstow when "Belinda"

>Can anyone advise on whether this is possible and how I should make up the

I _really_ wouldn't do this.

Base your web application on a database. Databases "out of the box"
deal with these multi-user locking issues.  Use MS SQL Server if you
have it, or Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP because it's an easy route to
getting the database and web server working.  As it's a small intranet
app, even Access and IIS/ASP/JavaScript would work.

Then use Excel's existing (and pretty good) database integration
features to keep the Excel version in sync with the database - but
make the _database_ the master copy.

Re: Web form to Excel


You can share your spreadsheet over the web with a tool like BadBlue -
http://badblue.com/helpxls.htm - with charts and interactivity
supported.  End-users only require web browsers, but I'm not sure that
all formatting will come across to the browser.


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