Very Long Select !!!

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In my project there are very long select
When the user choose a something is in the middle or in the bottom of
the list and the page re-open ... what was selected stay selected but
the user
can't see it anymore as   the list re-start from the beginning !!!
Is there anything I can do to view what is selected mantaining the same
list ???

Re: Very Long Select !!!

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed writing in

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Break up the list into categories, then you might not have such long
lists.  Additionally, your form handling script should be able to do
something like:

<option value="<%=value%>" <% if variable = value then%>selected<%end
if%>>Some Choice</option>

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Re: Very Long Select !!! wrote:

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Don't use long select elements - especially not _very_ long.

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This depends on the server-side (or client-side?) form handler, which
you have not disclosed. It's probably among the least of users'
problems. Why would they need to select _again_?

If your design is based on drop-down menus for navigation, stop right
now. Think. Use links for navigation, grouped into manageable sets. Post
a description of the real problem if you need help in deciding on the

Re: Very Long Select !!!

they just want to remember what they selected and  they want to change
the selection !

Re: Very Long Select !!! wrote:
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Try using a drop-down (size="1") list. Otherwise, it's a browser issue,
and there isn't anything you can do about it except maybe with
browser-specific code.

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