VeriSign SSL Certificates

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Too often, I am finding HTTPS sites with new site certificates from
VeriSign where the related intermediate VeriSign certificate has not
been installed on the site's secure server as instructed at
and elsewhere on the VeriSign Web site.

Yes, I know that IE will search for the appropriate intermediate
certificate in this case.  However, other browsers (constituting
possibly 40% of the browser market) do not do this.  Some of us believe
that IE's capability is actually a security weakness in that it
inappropriately compensates for an incomplete setup of a secure server.
 In any case, failing to have the related intermediate certificate on
the server is just plain wrong according to VeriSign, which issued the
affected site certificates.

This might also be a problem with other certificate authorities, not
only with sites secured with VeriSign site certificates.

No, this is not an HTML issue.  However, I wanted to bring this to the
attention of a broad audience.  (Also crossposted to


David E. Ross
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