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Re: varying size of text input boxes!?

In comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html message <b5jqp4p1pe1hiukhdh9kmfh5>, Thu, 19 Feb 2009 12:15:50, Geoff Cox <gcox@removeth> posted:

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With the font for input set to monospace, I have seen no problem.

Except for the displaying of output that the reader knows will be a
fixed small number of characters, IMHO you should always make the box a
bit bigger than the test.  That way the user can see that there are no
further characters.  For single "word"s, one space is enough; for
multiple words, one reeds two spaces after the last letter.

One can use, in at least one browser,"7em" ; but that
may not help.

Adrienne's views on sizes of input may be common; but they do not match
what my site needs.  Granted; mine is not typical.  I've just discovered
that the "Pop Up" button in my page gravity4.htm can give a DIV about
2,500,000 px wide, but not 3,000,000 px (in FF 3.0.6) : I wonder why?
There's a similar height situation.  3 Mpx height seems to show a bug.

I do have an application where the exact sizes of buttons matter, since
I have a close-packed set of 7*8 of them, and I want a text row to align

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