Validation errors: Popup or errorline ?

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I have lots of form validation going on.

When something fails validation, I highlight the offending field and
write an error message at the bottom of the form.

This was fine until I was trying to click on a submit button *of my own
form* and wondering why nothing was happening. I had made a mistake in
one of the fields so it had highlighted it, but when I corrected it I
made a *second* mistake which caused the same error. Due to this it
appeared that absolutely nothing was happening when I was pressing

So I got to wondering whether I should throw up an alert() box instead
(providing Javascript is enabled obviously). This provides immediate
and obvious feedback that an error has occured. However I cannot think
offhand of any sites which do this, so I guess there must be a good
useability reason for not doing it? Other than an extra click though I
cannot see the problem (but then I'm a newbie to this web authoring

Re: Validation errors: Popup or errorline ?

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I do it with my intranet apps.
Here's an example of the alert():

    Missing/invalid data found.
    Fix the fields with red arrows.

    3 error(s) encountered:

    Customer Name

I store thr value of the field's display name as
a hidden field then show that rather than the
field's internal (database) name; e.g. cusName.

If JavaScript isn't enable how are you doing
client-side validation?  If you're only doing
server-side validation that down't the screen
refresh with the errors?  (unless AJAX...)

Re: Validation errors: Popup or errorline ?

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If Javascript is disabled then validation is done server side. The end
result is identical, but if they have Javascript then it is instant
rather than requiring a round trip to the server.

Even when processed server side it can seem confusing as to why the
page hasn't seemingly refreshed.

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