Using hover-images on different on Firefox and IE

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Hi all,

I'm using the following code in my website, and it's looking totally
different on IE and Firefox.  It actually works on IE while Firefox is

img.left_nav_1 {background: transparent;}
a.left_nav_1 {    background : url(/images/rollovers_01.gif);}
a.left_nav_1:hover {background : url(/images/rollovers_01-over.gif);}

And in Code:
<a href="/test.cfm" class="left_nav_1">
<img class="left_nav_1" src="/images/Rollovers_trans.gif"

To see this in action check out -- in both Firefox and IE.

In Firefox it's like the image is moved down 50%.

Ideas ???  We're already using OnMouseOver javascript tags for our
slide-out menus, so I can't use this with a hoverover script with
javascript... unless someone knows how to do two OnMouseOver commands
within a single anchor tag. I did try this, and both IE and Firefox
only execute the first onMouseOver and ignore the rest.

Suggestions ???



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