using tag first time

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Hi. Oh boy a little-used tag to implement! Did I use it correctly in the
following paragraph please? If so, I will be going through my web site
looking for places to use it (on my web site, this paragraph currently is
marked up <em>Flak</em> instead of <dfn>Flak</dfn>)

    Ernest K. Gann was a pilot himself, and his love of flying shows in the
books he wrote. Some of the author's culture
    is also revealed by his choice of vocabulary. His use of one word in
particular dates him. Throughout this book, E.
    K. Gann refers to antiaircraft fire as <dfn>Flak</dfn>.
&#8216;Flak&#8217; as a term did not come into use until World War Two,
    which was E. K. Gann's time. It was the short form of a term introduced
by the Nazi <span lang="de">Luftwaffe</span>
    to designate antiaircraft artillery. This word was coined in 1938

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