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Apologies if this is totally OT
but it's not intended as spam.

Don't know whether you're aware of the
'Giveaway of the Day' website. /

Just thought this might be of interest to those of
you who make a living from 'projects'.

Simple Task Timer
(21 hours left to download and install and register)

Keep track of the time you spend on your projects.

'Know where your time goes, your most profitable type of task,
average hourly rate, and much more. Easily start, pause, and
switch between projects’ task. Set the task’s rate as hourly or
as a fixed amount, and let Simple Task Timer do the math.
Create a professional looking invoice with your logo and
company info, then print it or save it in PDF format.'

I've no idea whether it is any good and have no vested interest,
I just check the site each morning to see what's on offer.
Sometimes there's a useful program that's worth trying.

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