URLs of recommended sitemaps?

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I've created a bash script to create a sitemap but it is rather
ordinary and nothing about it is appealing.  Can anyone provide me
with examples of sitemaps that they've seen that they can really
recommend?  Many thanks.

Re: URLs of recommended sitemaps?

On 2/14/2008 2:25 PM, paintedjazz@gmail.com wrote:
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I manually created and maintain my site map at
<http://www.rossde.com/sitemap.html .  I could not find a tool that
would list all my pages in a hierarchical format.

I'm not suggesting that you do it manually.  However, I think a site map
should show ALL pages with both their titles and links and it should
show their hierarchy.

David Ross

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Re: URLs of recommended sitemaps?

paintedjazz@gmail.com wrote:
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People have all sorts of preferences for sitemaps.  Here's one that
works fairly well:

http://www.xml-sitemaps.com /

It's what I used for:


Ed Mullen
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Re: URLs of recommended sitemaps?

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