Uploading file behaviour different in IE and FF

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I noticed that when I click on the text fieltd of an input/file tag on
FF, a browse window appears.  On IE, the "Browse" button has to be
clicked for the window to show up.

Is there some way to get the page to behave the same way for both
browsers?  I can intercept the click event, but how will I know when
the text box part is clicked, as opposed to the button?  They beling
to a single control, don't they?

Another question is if this is even desirable?  IE users may be used
to a certain behaviour, while FF users will expect another.  Does it
even make sense to make both browsers behave the same?


Re: Uploading file behaviour different in IE and FF

muybluie@hotmail.com wrote:
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Exactly. An IE-user who always experiences the same behavior when using
a file upload button in his browser isn't suddenly, on reaching your
site, going to experience a yearning for the same button to act as it
does on a browser he doesn't use.

Re: Uploading file behaviour different in IE and FF

Yeah, I tend to think that making both browsers behave the same in
this case is an exercise in futility.  Just wanted some other


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