Trying to use a Yahoo news feed RSS via javascript

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Hey gang, I hope you're all well and you're having an enjoyable week

I'd love to be able to have a custom news feed on my web page through

The only custom news feed I can find for free is from Yahoo.  Are there
any more?

Now, for my web page I can get this to work fine:

<script language="Javascript"
src=" &

that's from

However whenever I try the one from Yahoo using this:

<script language="Javascript"
src=" "></script>

It doesn't work.

It seems that the XML from the URL:

Is different.  Is that correct.  Keep in mind I'm a newbie and this is
my first attempt.

Could somebody possibly tell me how to get the free custom Yahoo script
to work, or alternatively suggest an alternative news feed that allows
my to submit a custom search

Thank you very much for your help.  have a nice day!


Re: Trying to use a Yahoo news feed RSS via javascript


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That's not RSS.  It's a client-side script, a piece of JavaScript, which
is _referred_to_ by your page, then gets loaded by my browser on my
computer. Then my computer ignores it, because I don't trust such
scripts from funny locations I don't expect to be visiting.

This just isn't a good way t do things.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

In that is _is_ XML, and indeed RSS 2.0

This is "data" - raw newsness, piped to you in concentrated form.  To
use it, run something on your server that can make sense of it. Search
on RSS to find out what, and how you do it.

Then abandon the whole idea.  Maybe you liek the idea of offering news
from your website, but to be honest I'm just not interested.  You're not
the BBC, so I don't want to read _your_ news.

If I want my own news, then Ill get RSS feeds myself and assemble them
myself. I use an "RSS Aggregator" to do this, not some other person's

There are good reasons to take news onto you site and re-broadcast it,
but really you need to be doing some _with_ it to be interesting. I've
set up sites before that do this - they take a number of vaguely related
newsfeeds from many different sources, then turn them into a single
filtered newsfeed that's about one particular filtered facet of this.
This is a specialist application though and you have to be offering some
additional benefit for me before I'll consider using it. Just recycling
isn't enough.

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