Trying to make an IFrame or DIV look like a textarea

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I'm trying to make either an IFrame or a DIV look 'exactly' like a
textarea. The problem I've run into with IFrames is not being able to
replace the 3D recessed border with a single pixel border. I've
illustrated a textarea and an IFrame in the HTML sample below which
shows my problem. I am willing to use a DIV but I do need the ability
to change the contents of the DIV using innerHTML as well.

Any suggestions? I've tried border="1", etc. to no avail.


  <TEXTAREA STYLE='height:300px;width:200px'>
  <IFrame src="about:blank" frameborder="1"

Re: Trying to make an IFrame or DIV look like a textarea enlightened us with...
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A textarea looks different on different browsers and OSs. It can be styled
with CSS, too.
Which one were you trying to emulate?  ;)
You might do better posting this to

And you can change the content of a div with either innerHTML or by using DOM
methods. That would be more a comp.lang.javascript question, though.

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