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I'm really stumped.
I am trying to create a web site to honor my late son's heavy metal
I want the mp3 music to play and lyrics to be displayed.
The problem seems to be in getting the sound in there.
I have tried <embed) and <bgsound> but run into problems.
The best I have had any luck at all with is this:

<embed src=" "
hidden="True" autostart="true">
<bgsound src=" "
hidden="true" autostart="true">

With this (and several other variations) I find it works fine in
Internet Explorer but not in Mozilla Firefox or Netscape.
Mozilla gives me this error:

Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page.

I have installed every plugin I can find but still get no sound plus
that error message.
I would classify my HTML skill level as "Beginner but eager to
learn" and any help at all will be appreciated.
The Old Professor

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