troubles with tables ....

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I have 2 problems with tables:

1. positioning .... I'd like to position my table on the page, so that
the top left corner falls at the correct place on my bacground.  I use
a style="position:relative ... " to do it....but when I test the page
with AOL IE and Mozilla Firefox the table moves a few pixels
horizontally relative to the background?  Is is really happening?  Why?
Can this be fixed ?

2. I use photoshop to create an image 110 * 40 pixels.  I save it as a
..jpg file.  Then I code a table with cellspacing and cellpadding and
border set to 0, with a background color of dark blue.  I put the image
in the top left cell..... and I see dark blue above and to the left of
the image.  I want it too fill the cell completely but I can't seem to
get it to happen.


Re: troubles with tables ....

Note:  I replaced the 'position:relative' with 'positon: absolute' and
the table placement seems to be the same for both browswers, so, I'm
considering problem 1 solved.

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