trouble with onchange event

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I'm not sure where to go with this question so I thought I'd try this

I'm having some trouble with the following VBA code.  The varTags
variable is sometimes empty, and sometimes it has what it's supposed
to have.  I always use the same set of pages to test.

I thought maybe the page needed time to load, so I added in
Do While obIe.Busy & Do While obIe.readyState <>4
DoEvents loops after the onchange call, but they had no effect.

The onchange call does in fact load the expected page, it's the line
of code afterwards that doesn't always work.  Any ideas?

Thank you

Public Function submitDropDownData(IeDoc As Object, obIe As Object,
elementToSelect As Long, elementValue As String, ID As String)
Dim el As Object
Dim varTags as Variant
Dim tagType as String


Set el = IeDoc.getElementsByName(ID)
el(0).children(elementToSelect).Selected = True
el(0).children(elementToSelect).Value = elementValue

Set varTags = IeDoc.getElementsByTagName(tagType)

Re: trouble with onchange event

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