Tri-state checkboxes?

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Is there anything in HTML today, or perhaps in the near future that
would support the tri-state checkboxes that Windows sometimes uses (in
the third state, the box is filled with a green "wash")

Steve Swift

Re: Tri-state checkboxes?

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If one is writing for the general Web, one should use only that which
has been in HTML for several years.  I believe that there is nothing
exactly like that currently, but it would in this case be nice to be
proved wrong.

You could use a set of three radio-buttons with suitable labels, of

If you don't need green, consider the implications of the page body

        <input type=checkbox ID=XXX onClick = 'this.disabled=true'>

but it's not clear whether disabling matches your desired third state.

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Re: Tri-state checkboxes?

Dr J R Stockton wrote:
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With the passage of time I've already forgotten exactly what I wanted it
for. The three states that sprint to mind might be:

1. I definitely want it
2. I definitely don't want it
3. I'll go with the recommended or default choice

However, I'd end up filling space with a wordy explanation of what the
third state (neither checked nor unchecked) actually means (which is
more than Microsoft have done in the few examples of such a control that
I've come across). I seem to recall it was in the area of folder
permissions, where "inherit from parent folder" fits the bill.

Steve Swift

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