Transperency problems on MAC

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Hi there.

In development of the following site, suddenly a problem has developed
when we start to expand on the prototype and migrate to the client

The problem is on Mac computer, Link #2 the background surrounding the
logo doesn't seem to blend.  No so sure how to resolve this.

Link #1 was our original prototype which looks fine on a Mac.  But
once we started to do more work on this for some reason without
changing the graphic files (Only the HTML) this changed has occured.

This only happens on Mac computers using Safari or Firefox, PC it's

I've included a link #3 in which I attempted to remove some extra code
that didn't show up in Link #1 with no success.

Link #1 - Original Prototype - No Transperencie issues on Mac /

Link #2 - Expanded Prototype - Transparency issue on Mac

Link #3 - Attempt to remove some extraneous code which may be causing
problem. - No luck

Re: Transperency problems on MAC

In article
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You have other problems! For one, the page is simply to large to
fit in my browser window (even when maximised), and it would
certainly not fit for my kid's computers either! Screen shots here:

You have an error in the code which may then be a source of other

< .


Note that the number of errors between the two versions of your page
is different (25 vs. 24), which may be associated with the different
behaviour you are seeing in FireFox and Safari (Mac versions).
I rapidly got lost in your code, between all the positioned divs.
I suggest you take your third version, and strip it right back to
the absolute basics, testing as you go. Somewhere between the first
and second version, you introduced an error that is causing them
to render differently.

FireFox console reports some CSS issues:

Warning: Unknown property 'behavior'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 2 (also lines 4–8)

Warning: Unknown property 'behavior'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 2 (also lines 4-8)

You can check your CSS here: /

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