tool to check for missing end tags in html

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I tend to write html as if it were xhtml in the sense that the only
thing I should need to do is change the declaration, add the namespace
attribute to the html element, and close empty tags like hr. However, I
just realized that the tool I was using to validate (nsgmls) obviously
won't notify me when I miss, e.g., a close to an LI in nested lists.
When I looked into options to make it do so, I would think that 'nsgmls
-s -wunclosed' (or at least -wall) would warn about this, but it

A search of the web turned up nothing useful and one of this newsgroup
turned up nothing at all so I must not have been using a good collection
of terms, but I did try.

Anyone know how to make nsgmls do this or, failing that, is there any
handy CLI tool for Linux that will do it. I fiddled with xmllint and
tidy (and their various options), too. (Tidy can silently correct it but
won't warn about it and I don't want tidy rewriting everything.) If they
could be made to do it, that'd be great. If not, I guess something else
might do.


Re: tool to check for missing end tags in html

slakmagik wrote:

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That's not all. The content models of script and style elements are
different, in a rather nasty way. However, you can avoid this problem by not
using any content in such elements, i.e. making all scripts and stylesheets
either external or embedded into attributes.

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You can simply create a modified version of the DTD for the HTML version you
are using. You need to make rather trivial changes to a handful of
declarations. See


Re: tool to check for missing end tags in html

On 2008-12-08 Mon 13:41:16, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thank you, both, Jukka and Lars. Looks like that's my best bet and that
looks like a very nice page.

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