title length restriction?

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I am showing a lot of info in a tooltip. As far as I can tell from
searching there is no restriction on tooltip length, but mine are
getting cut off at about 488 characters. I figured it might be to do
with ASP.NET, so I wrote the following page to test and it has the
same problem;

<title>Test Page</title>
<span ID="Test" title="Administration

 - Chases outstanding information, ensuring completeness and resolving

 - Completes all administration tasks, OTIFNE (on time in full no
errors); checks their work thoroughly

 - Consistently adheres to all departmental and office procedures and
systems, including quality systems and company policies (e.g.
acceptable use policy, ISO900)

 - Maintains appropriate filing systems

 - Uses appropriate templates for drafting correspondence and
producing basic reports

 - TTest


The last 'Test' does not show in the tool tip.

I am using IE7. Any help or a suggested alternative would be great.



Re: title length restriction?

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Semantically that just isn't a "title", it's a pretty long
"description" at best. So taking a feature built to support titles and
expecting it to work when stretched this far is being pretty

1.  You can do this, but I'd suggest some other approach. CSS-
rollovers, JavaScript pop-ups or pop-ins. I'd go for a (CSS :hover /
JS fallback for IE) combined trigger to an invisible <div> that
becomes visible on the page when you hover appropriately.

2.  You shouldn't _need_ to use popups for this length of text. How is
anyone going to read it?  A site built like this is likely to be
annoying to use, as people try and read fleeting glimpses of the
flashcards. How would they be able to print it out, if needed?

Re: title length restriction?

Jared wrote:
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The browser receives HTML and has no idea whether that HTML was
generated by ASP.NET or anything else. If it's displaying less than the
full title string that you see in the browser's source, it won't have
anything to do with ASP.NET.

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You mean '-TTest'. Yes, that's correct. I would presume the browser has
a limit to the size of the tooltip box, not necessarily to the number of
characters it will display. In Firefox 2 it's much less: it only gets to
the "n" in the word "resolving" on the first line before appending an
ellipsis and skipping the rest. Also, unlike IE7, it doesn't preserve
line breaks in the title attribute (assuming your lines are short enough
for Firefox to get to the first line break before reaching its limit).

Re: title length restriction?

Scripsit Harlan Messinger:

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And that's the _correct_ behavior, since by HTML rules, a line break is
equivalent to a space (except in some situations that are not relevant
here). This is one more reason to stop writing essays or user guides in
title attributes.

For the most of it, the only useful title attributes are those used in
links as expanded link texts - something that the user may wish to read,
after moving the pointer over the link and before clicking on it. And if
it's longer than, say, 100 characters, it just won't be read.

(Of course, the style element also has a title attribute that can be
useful, but it has a rather different - and weird - meaning.)

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: title length restriction?

In article

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Just because something is marked up as a title attribute does not mean
it will be presented as a tooltip. It's up to user agents to decide how
to present @title. Current reality is that some present them as
tooltips, some in a status bar, some inline (not every browsing
environment has a concept of "mouse" even, let alone "hover").

As to length of @alt's content, you might find this test case useful:
<http://santek.no-ip.org/~st/tests/altlength/ .

Sander Tekelenburg
The Web Repair Initiative: <http://webrepair.org/

Re: title length restriction?

On 2/12/2008 1:43 AM, Jared wrote:
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Because a bug in the Gecko rendering engine (the core of Mozilla-based
browsers), long tool-tips from title attributes -- too long for a single
line -- were being truncated and not wrapped.  This bug generated
extensive discussion regarding what is the reasonable length of the
value of a title attribute.  Since the HTML 4.01 specification fails to
indicate any real size limit, the decision was made to wrap all such
tooltips no matter how long they are.  However, this resulted in a new
bug report regarding the fact that the tooltip does not remain visible
long enough for someone to read a long title attribute.


<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45375 , which appears to
be fixed in the current operational version of SeaMonkey.

<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=218223 , which is marked
as fixed.  However, the fix might not be available to end users until
the operational version 3 of Firefox is released.

<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=410043 , which is
relatively new and not yet fixed.

David Ross

Have you been using Netscape and now feel abandoned by AOL?
Then use SeaMonkey.  Go to <http://www.seamonkey-project.org/ .

Re: title length restriction?

David E. Ross wrote:
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Sounds like the author is using long titles when they should be using
something else. The OP's case is a good example of that.


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