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Re: Thanks for the tips!

At 21:15:55 on Tue, 15 Jun 2010, John Wolf

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No, never ever ever!  What an idea!

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Anything and everything, except ideas from a god-botherer.

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Got one RIGHT NOW.  I don't think you want to know what it is.

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Yes, after a good lunchtime in the Dorset Arms.

And if you, John Wolf, are suggesting that compared to the rest of us
you are somehow pure and clean and immune from all those things, let me
remind you that you are a SINNER.  What is more, you are a DAMNED
sinner, because you seek the path to heaven while trying to wriggle out
of the necessity for REPENTANCE and HUMILITY.

Go now from this place, and sin no more.
Molly Mockford
Nature loves variety. Unfortunately, society hates it. (Milton Diamond Ph.D.)
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Re: Thanks for the tips!

John Wolf wrote:
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Round 2: Advantage - Wolf

Score: Wolf 2, Bullies 0

For the intelligence your current target of abuse allegedly
lacks, he sure seems to have you by the short ones.

Re: Thanks for the tips!

On 06-15-2010 08:22, Bill Braun wrote:
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He misrepresents our Scriptures to counter Mike's distortion of the
facts.  Shifting to Sunday was not merely a matter of "they felt like
it."  The symbolism of honoring the resurrection, and of giving God the
first day instead of the last were reasons for the choice.

However, what triggered the change was the increasing animosity from
non-Christian Jews.  The Wolf disingenuously points to Acts 20 as "the
first reference" when in fact several prior passages mention disciples
going to synagogues or temples to worship on the Sabbath.

Tweak your killfiles and leave the Wolf outside the fold.

Wes Groleau

   Review of the article The Overwhelmed Generation in FL Annals

Re: Thanks for the tips!

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Hang on. This is your actual God we are talking about here isn't it? You
know, the all mighty one? The one that is believed in by a whopping one
third of the people on the planet?

We, the mere mortals, well the one third of us anyway, can't simply decide
amongst ourselves which day to give the big bloke as his day off, can we?

He is your real almighty damn God for bloody Christs sake, what he says
goes, doesn't it? Well, for that one third it does. If he says to his one
third that Wednesday is His Day Off then who are we, the one third, to
dispute him? Let him have it, otherwise storms and pestillation may be
smighted upon us, and those bloody other religions will get upset when the
pestillation spills over into their backyard.

Now, however, back to our usual programming, which has absolutely nothing to
with any bloody deity. In other words, take it elsewhere.

Re: Thanks for the tips!

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Mike didn't say shifted it because they felt like it; he said that John
Wolf said they shifted it because they felt like it.

What I find fascinating is that the subject of religion has come up about
the same time on two different email lists that I'm on as well as on this

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Re: Thanks for the tips!

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That has more to do with you than with the subject matter. Some folks
learn better in a classroom environment, others use one or more books,
some use nothing but online tutorials & references, etc.


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