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Thanks in advance for any solutions to my query.

My users log into a site with their domain e-mail (someone@domain.com)
and password.  I'd like to tweak the form so that the @domain.com
portion will already be included.  I can do this easily using a
value="domain.com" following the text input tags but then that
variable shows up in the text box.  I'd rather that value (domain.com)
be hidden and I can't figure out how.  A minor point you say, yes, but
one I'd like to fix.

In other words, the user types his/her userID "someone" and the form
appends "@domain" to yield "someone@domain.com" and the form submits

Re: text fields in a form

On 2007-02-11, Powercat wrote:
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   Why have the form do it if you don't want the use to see it?? The
   form should submit "someone", and the script that process it can
   add "@domain.com" if it is not already there.

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