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Hello I've got an issue creating a web page. I've have two pictures sitting
where I want them (one left and one right) and I have a heading over the
left one but cannot get  text to move over the right one. Actually I did
get it to go over the right one in one scenario but I had to put a line return
in so that the right picture sat down lower than the left. I realize everything
done with styles nowadays but I just need (if possible) a simple html way to
do this. Really appreciate all info.
--------------code below--------------
<center><b><font size="4">Main text at top of page</font</b></center><br>
<b><font size="4">Left picture heading</font></b>
<b><font size="4">Right picture heading</font></b>
<p><img src="Left Picture.jpg" width="430" height="285" alt="Alt Text"
<p><img src="Right Picture.jpg" width="430" height="281" alt="Alt Text"
<br />

Re: text align right

JG wrote:

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Yes, you do. You can't make up HTML elements and expect it to work.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The next <p> closes the previous one.

<span style="float: right">Right picture heading<br>
<img src="Right Picture.jpg" width="430" height="281" alt="Alt Text"

If there is no content text, why use <p>aragraphs?

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