Testing pages using virtual machines

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Is anyone using either VirtualBox[1] or VMWare[2] so they can test
pages/sites under multiple OS/Browser versions?  If so, any comments?  
I need to set something like this up on my office machine...


[1] http://www.virtualbox.org /
[2] http://www.vmware.com/products/server/overview.html

Re: Testing pages using virtual machines

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I installed VMware's Fusion on my MacOS system.  I had problems with USB
devices, so I uninstalled it and got Parallels instead.  It 'just
worked' from the start.  I have Virtual Box but it's slow compared to

I installed Windows 7 and run the VM once a month or so to test my web
site.  I purposely don't allow Windows update to update to IE 8.  I
decided I wasn't going to test for compatibility with IE 6 and say so on
my site.

I only test my site, not others.  If you need to test a matrix of
browsers and versions, you should have machines setup to do that so they
can be statically maintained.  At least, that's what I'd do if I had to
do extensive QA.


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Re: Testing pages using virtual machines

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I use VirtualBox, I installed XP via it and it works fine for me
in testing IE6 and 8. VM itself is free, it works brilliantly for
such things, it uses as much memory and disk space as it needs
and is nicely integrated as a Mac app.


Re: Testing pages using virtual machines

David Stone:

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Yes. I run several OSes in VMware with Windows XP as host to test with
several browsers (IE 6-9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.) running
under Ubuntu, Debian, Windows 98/XP/2000/7.

So far i never had serious problems with VMware and can recommend it.
But your mileage may vary with other host systems.


Re: Testing pages using virtual machines

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I ended up going with VirtualBox (which is now freeware unless you
want certain features).  Got it working fine with Windows 7. My only
problem now is my lone XP install disk has gone AWOL! Probably can't
stand the thought of being shoved in a (virtual) box, and on a Mac
of all things too...

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