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I am the webmaster of I am planning to build a tech
related link directory... You can find it here This thread is
just to invite you all to submit links. If you own a tech related
website or you are a fan of such site, please post the link with a
small description about 200 words.

This is not a reciprocal link-exchanging program. I do not ask anything
in return. Please submit quality and helpful links... This may perhaps
help you to increase your Google page rank.

Thanks for anyone who take time to submit a link.

Currently available categories are.
=B7 Communications and Networking
=B7 Computer Games
=B7 Computer Generated Art
=B7 Computer Graphics
=B7 Computer Science
=B7 Computers and Technology Weblogs
=B7 Contests
=B7 Conventions and Trade Shows
=B7 Copmuter Hardware & peripherals
=B7 Data Formats
=B7 Desktop Customization
=B7 Desktop Publishing
=B7 Dictionaries
=B7 Ebooks
=B7 Employment
=B7 Industry Information
=B7 Information Technology
=B7 Internet
=B7 Interview Questions
=B7 Issues
=B7 Magazines
=B7 Mobile Computing
=B7 News and Media
=B7 Online Training
=B7 Operating Systems
=B7 Organizations
=B7 Personal Digital Assistants
=B7 Product Information and Reviews
=B7 Programming and Development
=B7 Related Links
=B7 Science and Technology Policy
=B7 Security and Encryption
=B7 Software
=B7 Standards
=B7 Supercomputing and Parallel Computing
=B7 Technical Guides and Support
=B7 Telecommunications
=B7 Testing
=B7 User Groups
=B7 Virtual Reality
=B7 Web Directories
=B7 World Wide Web

My intention is not to spam this group. If you think this is a spam,
just ignore.

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