TD cell not stretching to accomodate content (Moz 1.8a4)

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I'm trying to figure out if this is my bug or a Gecko bug. Check out my
test here: /

The left cell looks ok in IE6 but in Moz 1.8a4 the zip code sticks out into
the right cell, and then the image in the right cell overlays it. It looks
like the cell width is locking to the h1 element, not the widest element in
the cell.

What are the rules for rendering as the displayable space narrows? IE6 does
steal space from only the right padding of the left cell, ultimately
obscuring the final two glyphs of the zip code before the right page margin
starts to obscure the cell. Why doesn't it keep the cell at some minimum
size and impose scrolling when it hits that limit?

(BTW, this is also my first attempt at CSS.)

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