Target frame link anchor in new parent html file

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I have ParentB.html that contains ChildB.html in an IFRAME
<IFRAME NAME="textareaB" SRC="ChildB.html"></IFRAME>
ChildB.html contains a bookmark <A HREF="#GoHereB"></A>

Also I have ParentA.html that contains ChildA.html in an IFRAME
<IFRAME NAME="textareaA" SRC="ChildA.html"></IFRAME>


I want the user to be able to click on a link on page ChildA.html (in
and be taken to ChildB.html#GoHereB (in ParentB.html)

Is this possible?  What does the target look like.  I want the target
to be in the same window so I would want to use _top.

<A HREF="../B/ChildB.html#GoHereB" target="?? ParentB ???"></A>
Thanks in advance

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