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I see on many major web sites a block called "Tags" (or "Keywords").

The "Tags" are in a jumble of various fonts.

What is the purpose of these?

examples see:

"Keywords" http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/12001
apparently a cross-reference for the site -- this I understand.

"Tags" darn, I can't find an example but you must have seen this.
The tags have randomized fonts and positions.

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Re: "Tags" and "Keywords"

masonc wrote:
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Re: "Tags" and "Keywords"

On Tue, 22 Nov 2011 17:28:32 -0500, "Jonathan N. Little"

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Thanks, Jonathan.  Now, if I can understand it....

   keyword="Tag_cloud" is what I needed


Re: "Tags" and "Keywords"

On 11/22/11 1:36 PM, masonc wrote:
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By "tags", do you mean as used at Slashdot?  See <http://slashdot.org/ .
 On the right side of that page, there is a box titled "Recent Tags".
The title is actually a link to a longer list of tags.  Each tag --
either the recent ones on the home page or those in the longer list --
is a one-word topic ID that is also a link.  Selecting a tag gives a
list of articles by data and title.  Again, each article title is a link
to that article.

Or do you mean items within a source (X)HTML file?  In that case, see
<http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/intro/sgmltut.html#h-3.2.1 .  There, a
tag is defined as a delimiter of an element.  There are start-tags
(e.g., <ul>) and end-tags (e.g., </ul>).  Tags themselves are enclosed
in < and >.  A start-tag begins with the name of its element.  An
end-tag begins with a / followed by the name of its element.


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