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Re: tablles vs css

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An excellent point, and I freely admit to having been guilty of this.

However, I would still say that CSS-based layout is harder than basic
(note that word) table layout, simply because tables are more
predictable, less subject to browser bugs and less subject to browser
interpretation. I can knock up a table-based layout far quicker than a
CSS-based one, mainly due to the lack of thinking and less typing
required. I know the CSS experts will say the opposite, but I'm not an
expert, I'm speaking from a position a few months ahead of where the OP
is now. Maybe in a few years I will feel differently.

Note that my post was not in any way a recommendation to use tables, I
was merely warning the OP that the road ahead is rocky. Sure, if he can
get his head around starting again from scratch, and if he can find any
decent books or tutorials that teach the basic principles properly (I
never did and still haven't), then it may not be as hard as I, and
others found it.

Ta ra

Alan Silver
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Re: tablles vs css

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Not really true. Learning to do things CSS way is not any harder. Problem is
that people insist in the beginning trying to use CSS in same way they make
things with tables. To unlearn that and to realize many things are much
easier if they do not try to complicate things, now THAT is hard. Learn bad
habit and it's hard to get rid of it.


Re: tablles vs css

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Of course it's true!  Css is at least 50 times more comprehensive than
tables and that makes it true.  Don't parrot the dogma - 'Arrrwooooooo!'

Infinity has its limits.

Re: tablles vs css

Alan Silver wrote:
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The one thing response I haven't seen yet concerns accessibility.
I've seen numerous posts elsewhere from people involved in this
issue to the effect that using tables for layout and navigation makes
it a lot harder for those using text readers to make sense of the page.

As someone who has recently made the switch from tables to htm/css,
I can say that the transition wasn't too bad, and that I find the
html pages much easier to navigate/edit from a maintenance perspective.
Since the latter is of much greater concern to me, I'm quite happy with
the results of leaving tables for tabluar data only!

Re: tablles vs css

On 2006-06-21, David C. Stone wrote:
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   That depends on how the tables are used. So long as the text
   appears in the HTML file in the order it should be read (or heard,
   or ...) there should be no problem.

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   Generally, I find CSS much better, but there are times when a table
   can make the layout much simpler and more fluid.

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Re: tablles vs css

thanks again guys (and gals) for all your input


Chris F.A. Johnson wrote:
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