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I am trying to stop some behavior going on with a table. I have been
using Visual Studio C# 2005.

Basically, the table has certain column widths to start out with. When
data is added to it (and the size of the column is too small), the data
(in this case text) in the column wraps ;-/

How can I keep the data from wrapping? What would be nice is if no
wrapping to place at all and to just be able to adjust the size of
columns manually. You know - where you place the cursor on the boundary
of the column, the cursor changes and then you can lengthen or shorten
the width of the column in order to see more (or less) data.

So, in a nutshell, I would like for the column widths (as well as the
table length and width) to remain the same size as did from the start.
Adjustment of column widths would take place only when using the mouse

How can I do this?


Re: tables ;-(

set absolute width and overflow style for each td's content, so it can honor
the width. you would need to write client code to resize the table column
widths (adjust the content widths).

<table border=1>
 <td nowrap><div style="width:40;overflow:hidden">this fits</div></td>
 <td nowrap><div style="width:40;overflow:hidden">this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
doesn't fit</div></td>

-- bruce (

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Re: tables ;-(

Thanks to all for the responses ;-)

Bruce Barker wrote:
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How would one approach the writing of clinet code to support the
widths? Is there any sample code available?

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Re: tables ;-(

Try style rule table-layout:fixed;


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Re: tables ;-(

milkyway wrote:
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Watch out for a too-exact layout, one that is "perfect" on your development
A user might use a different browser, have different installed fonts or uses
by default a font with a different size -> gone is your careful layout!

Hans Kesting

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