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Re: table formatting

Andy Fish wrote:

> I have a nice easy table and/or CSS formatting problem for any gurus
> out there.

We need a url to provide meaningful help.

> I have a table with 4 columns - no "width" attribute on anything.
> Some rows have 4 cells in (call these type A) and some have colspan=4
> (type B)
> Some type B rows have much more text than all the type A cells put
> together. When this happens, the total width of the table expands
> (which is good) but it expands all the 4 columns evenly and this
> makes the type A rows look wrong. I would like to have the 4th column
> (or possibly an extra 5th column) take up all the slack so that the
> type A rows have their width the same as if the type B row only had a
> short value in it.

Set the width of the first 3 columns in em units. It will resize for the
user, but keep those rows at the same width regardless of the width of
the 1-column rows.

> I've tried putting in a 5th column with width=100%

A 5th column? Are you sure this is tabular data?


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