Strict HTML: mimic target tag/favicon location?

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Moon wrote:
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It isn't a question of relative vs. full URL paths in your meta tags.
It is a question of following the paths (relative or full URL) in
your meta tags vs. not reading the meta tags at all and just looking
for the favicon in the root.

The standard behaviour is defined here:
[ ]
(The examples have full URLs but of course relative URLs
are fine as well.)

Alas, the status of that Document is "Draft in development;
may change radically at any time."

Favicons are small, and it is likely that you already have a
robots.txt file in the root, so one more file isn't that
difficult to deal with. My recommendation is to use both of
the methods described in [ ].
Or, to put it another way, go ahead an reference the favicon in
your meta tags with a relative link to your image directory.
Then, to accommodate any browsers that simply look in the root,
put a copy of your favicon there as well with nothing in your
meta tags referencing it.

For those of us who are standards geeks, here are some references: (Go to section 2.1) (Go to
"Known locations don't work") /

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