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Hi All,

I plan to use streaming audio on my site.  I had uploaded some .mp3's as
part of a trial, and these streamed very badly so I tried .ram (RealAudio)
files instead.  The RealAudio files are a lot smaller in size, but they do
not stream, a user has to download the file before listening to it.

Which format would you recommend for good to high quality audio streaming?

Should RealAudio files stream?  If so how can I get them to stream?

Do I need to contact my hosting company for to enquire about some kind of
special server set up to enable streaming?


Re: Streaming Audio

Cerebral Believer wrote:

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not multi-post any more. Cross-post only if necessary.

See alt.html for answers, where you posted first (by a few seconds).

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Re: Streaming Audio

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
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The question wasn't about HTML anyway, so these weren't the best choices
of newsgroups.

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