strange html code to set the type of characters

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On a web page i found a very strange html code (see at the en of this
message) to set the type of the characters (like bold, italic, etc.)
and I have 2 question

1) How interpreter this code ?
2) can I use this code to set also the colour and the font used for the
text (like verdana) ? If yes how ?

Thank you in advance for your help


The strange code (the code that contain "%" like "%3Cb%3ECopenhagen

<area shape="rect" coords="384,137,448,162"
href="Copenhagen_01/italiano.htm" alt="Copenhagen" title="Copenhagen"
08/01%3C/b%3E');MM_setTextOfLayer('descrizione','','%3Ci%3EPrima di
proseguire per la Groenlandia, ho
l%27opportunit&amp;#224; di fare un breve giro nel centro di
onMouseOut="MM_setTextOfLayer('descrizione','','%3Ci%3ESpostare il
mouse sulla cartina per selezionare un viaggio.
Ciascun viaggio e%27 indicato con colori
diversi.%3C/i%3E');MM_setTextOfLayer('titolo','','%3Cb%3EMenu dei

Re: strange html code to set the type of characters

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Multiposting is bad. Don't do multipost, mm'kay? Anyone who wants to comment
on the (off-topic) question should do so in alt.html, where one answer has
already been posted.

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