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I just started working with some Server Side Includes to streamline a
website that I inherited.  I think that I've got the SSI stuff figured out,
but it is a pain to work on.  When I edit an SSI, I have to upload the html
file and the SSI's to my web hosting server to see what it looks like.  When
I do non SSI pages I can just load the local html file into a couple of
browsers and can look at the final product without putting anything on my

What do I have to do to get local html files to display the SSI files?  I
hope this makes sense.

I use Evrsoft 1st Page 2000 or a text editor to do my site maintenance and
I'm working on a Windows XP Pro PC.

Re: SSI working environment

BT wrote:

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You mean, how can you see Server Side Included content on a client
(i.e., non-server) machine? You want to to see what the server does
(will do), without using the server. Sounds illogical.

But there is, in fact, hope.

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You didn't say what server you're using to do the SSI. But you can
usually (well, I have to say only "sometimes") install the server
software locally and do *some* testing like that. For example, I have MS
IIS and Macromedia ColdFusion installed on my XP Pro machine at home.
They don't actually serve to the outside world (that's what my live host
server is for), but I can do things locally when the server is running
on my PC. Does that help you along?


Re: SSI working environment

Hi, John.  Yes, that helps.  I remember a couple of years ago, I was looking
into ASP and faced the same (or similar) problem.  I was running Win ME at
the time and it didn't have IIS as I recall, so I dropped it.  Now that I'm
running XP, I'll give it a try.

thanks, BDT

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Re: SSI working environment

BT wrote:
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The scripts are generally made to execute on a UNIX host.  Thus, the
first step is to test them via a machine that runs UNIX.

I have an ISP that provides me with a shell account that allows me to
use a secure Telnet connection to the ISP's Web server.  I use that to
test my SSI scripts.  Once I get a script to operate correctly,
inserting it into a Web page is a minor issue.

I have not learned Perl for writing SSI scripts.  But I learned how to
write UNIX scripts in both C and Korn (preferring the latter), even
before I ever saw Windows and a PC.  Thus, the scripts seem to flow out
of my fingertips, through my keyboard, and onto my ISP's server.  I did
have to negotiate a while with my ISP to ensure that my Web site is
served via Korn shells and not C shells; this allows me to write all my
scripts in Korn.


David E. Ross
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Re: SSI working environment

David E. Ross wrote:
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Seems to me it would just be simpler to install Apache and run a test
server on your local machine. You can do this on a Windows box even if
the remote server runs *nix.


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