Small Screen Rendering : Forcing It

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Hi. I wonder if it's possible to "force" a browser to "switch to SSR
mode" for any given document. Specifically, I'm looking for a
solution, not to a User Agent issue (i think), but a coding idea; a
programming "what if..?".

i'm not concerned w/ manipulating a browser (i.e. prefs., settings
this URL, always view SSR, save), but rather something i would code
into the document which would request the browser to display in this
mode (i.e. < link rel.. .> or, < div id=SSR > where SSR would be
declared by CSS, or perhaps javascript to manipulate the DOM (or
control the browser outside of simply parsing the stylesheet), or some
XML/ SGML markup, etc. whatever presents a possible solution) present a document which, when viewed, will always display in a
sort of SSR style ("always" meaning whenever possible as dictated by
current browser-meets-coding technology).

Thanks for reading this convoluted mess, and for any input you might
have. I really have no knowledge of "how SSR works". if anyone thinks
there's a "posiblity", a URL to something instructional about SSR
would be excellent.


Re: Small Screen Rendering : Forcing It


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It isn't.

To get an answer to the better question whether it is possible to suggest
that a browser switch to SSR mode, you need to define what you mean by SSR
mode. Your message body doesn't even include an expansion of the TLA!

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It doesn't help that we read it. You need to formulate your question
sensibly. Use short sentences, about two short lines or so. Explain first
what you mean, then perhaps what you don't mean.

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So what could you possibly mean by "forcing" a browser to "switch to SSR
mode"? You could just as well have asked how to force a browser into YOICR

While waiting for a sensible question, herea are answers to two questions
that you _might_ have meant:

1) The element <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="handheld"
href="hh.css"> says that the rules in hh.css should be used if and only if
the browsers works on a handheld device, which is typically characterized by
a small display area and other restrictions. At present, some specialized
browsers as well as Opera supports this idea, while others would just ignore
that stylesheet.

2) You can simulate a small screen setting up a stylesheet that restricts
the canvas, e.g.
html { margin: 0; padding: 0; }
body { width: 300px;
       height: 200px;
       overflow: auto;
       margin: 0;
       padding: 2px 4px;
       border: solid #333 2px; }
(though you can basically achieve the same by using a small window)
and then you can CSS rules that you regard as suitable for such rendering.
You would probably first want to make headings use the same font size as
copy text, or just a little larger.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca") /
(YOICR = Yucca's Own Idea of Correct Rendering)

Re: Small Screen Rendering : Forcing It

Thanks, Yucca!
This is helpful-- at least as much as i'd hoped to learn.

what is TLA, and what does it mean to have " expansion of the
TLA" ?

btw-- thanks for all the char. encoding bits; research you've
published. i find it amusing that i've recently ref'd your web site in
an article elsewhere.

my apologies for dumping garbage all over the list. ;)
many thanks.

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Re: Small Screen Rendering : Forcing It

Stanley Tweedle wrote:
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Re: Small Screen Rendering : Forcing It

In our last episode,
talented Stanley Tweedle broadcast on comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html:

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Three Letter Acronym.

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You kept referring to "forcing SSR mode."  Aside from "forcing a browser"
being absurd, you never said what "SSR" meant.

Silly Slow Rendering?
Soviet Socialist Republic?
Silent Sustained Reading?
Same-Sex Relationship?
Sharp Shooting Rangers?
Solid State Relay?

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