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My website ( is built with css and no tables or frames
whatsoever. The left "frame" looks fine, unless the page needs
scrolling. When I scroll down, the left "frame's" background colour
does not extend to that part of the page. The sheet can be found at

What can I do so that it fills the whole area?

Ahmed El-Daly

Re: Small css problem wrote:
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I would start by getting the page to validate at , for both markup and CSS.
Right now it has so many errors showing that I wouldn't
even attempt to waste a lot of time reading the markup
and CSS.

And, I would get rid of that 'Firefox...' frame at the bottom.

Once you've done all that, you might look
at some good templates like those at,
the 2 column template, and note differences between your
markup and that template.

Re: Small css problem

mbstevens wrote:
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Thanks. I have vaildated both the XHTM and the CSS on the page and
place the validation icons on the footer. I have also decreased the
size of the Get Firefox! icon.

Seems like the only way to have the left div colors to extend all the
way to the bottom is by using a picture, which kind of sucks.

Anyone else solved this problem without using a picture as a

Thanks to all,
Ahmed El-Daly

Re: Small css problem schreef:
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I copied your html & css and experimented with it a bit.

If you change the colors on the body to

   background: #042073;
   color: white;

and you change the #mainbody to

#mainbody {
   position: absolute;
   top: 0px;
   left: 100px;
   padding: .5em;
   background-color: white}

it does what you want in Firefox. It sucks in Explorer, but then, your
online site does, too...



( )_( ) Berna M. Bleeker-Slikker
/ . . \
\ \@/ /

Re: Small css problem

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Thanks Berna,
It does have a side-effect thought. When I scroll now, the part that
hidden is all screwed up. If you go to the site now, you will see what
I mean. I guess it the settings from body override those of mainbody,
although I would have thought it to be the other way round!

Re: Small css problem wrote:
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Hope This Helped and MTFBWY...
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