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Can someone point me to a tutorial somewhere that tells me how to do a
simple log-in panel? What I need is when a user when to go to a page,
he/she will first encounter a log-in panel on another page. They will
have to provide a username and password. Once they have the correct on,
the page they want will display.

This is not a complex thing, there is only one page that they will
always be accessing, and the username and password will be provided to
them. They can't change it etc. Also, there will only be a handful of
people accessing the page, so it's not a log-in for a large number of

Thanks for any help,

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The simplest method of doing that is to just configure user authentication
on your web server. It's not the prettiest - your users will see a simple
dialog box, not a "login page" - but it's quick, easy, and works with every
browser I'm aware of.

It's not done with HTML though, and the procedure for setting it up varies
from one server to another. Many hosting providers supply a "control panel"
interface that you can use to configure it.


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Hi Petre,
Sherm's advice is good; I would just like to add that if that page is
going to be on the public Internet, do consider the consequences of
being hacked and how much effort it is worth to you to prevent that from
happening. By "hacked" I mean someone cracking your userid/password
combo or sneaking through the gates, either by shoulder surfing or a
dictionary attack (i.e. lots of guessing) or by exploiting a weak
element of the security scheme. I don't want to make you completely
paranoid, but a little paranoia is good. =) Remember that not all
security schemes are created equal.


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Dear sir,
This is not a link to a tutorial, but a sort of tutorial of my own.
You can easily set up MySQL and PHP on your server, then use the MySQL
functions in PHP to store Usernames and Passwords, and then access to
see if the Username typed is the same as the saved Username in a table.
 To be able to go to the page wanted before, you can just use POST and
have a hidden input and form that submits the wanted page URL to the
login page, and the login page can check the username and password, and
then use that POSTed info to redirect the user to the page originally
wanted.  This is quite broad, but you can easily learn what you need
about PHP and it's MySQL functions at .  There, you can look
through the reference for MySQL and POST functions, and even go through
the PHP tutorial, if you need it.

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