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I am creating a website for a volunteer-based organization that would
like to accept volunteer registrations online.

They want the visitors to fill out a simple form to submit and have the
data stored on the server.  The staff then needs to be able to pull up
a password-protected listing of all volunteers.

I am not opposed to using MySQL, but I'm not a SQL programmer.  I think
flat text would be ok, but I don't know.

I've looked at some free guestbook scripts, thinking I could modify one
of them to my needs, but the sticking point is that the list of
volunteers page cannot be viewable by anyone except those who are given
the password by the staff.  Many of the scripts I've found offer more
features and customization than is needed for this simple task.  The
only "add-on" I would like is some form of anti-spam measure.

Does anyone know of a script that would be useful for these basic



Re: Simple private volunteer registration form wote:
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What you want to do is very easy, and you can roll your own quickly.
SQL is not that difficult - < has some
good beginner tutorials that should get you started.  What you're going
to want is a SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements.

I would create two tables, volunteers and staff.

---- Staff ----
id, name, username, password, level_id, added, lastchange
---- Volunteers ----
id, name, address, city, st, zip, phone, fax, email, etc.

Then create a few forms and pages:
1. Form for the volunteers. Post the contents to the Volunteers table.
2. Form for the staff.  Verify username and password, then set a
session variable as logged in if it passes, otherwise return to the
3. Page with list of volunteers only accessible if the logged in
session is true.  There should be a hyperlink to the actual volunteer,
eg. ?id=123 that goes to a form.
4. Form for modifying volunteers, again only accessible if logged in
session is true. Use the contents of this form to update the Volunteers

There are probably more forms and tables you can make, but this should
get you started.

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