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If you type our web site directly in a browser, you get our web page.
It has a top bar, a sidebar and a main text page in the middle. If you
click on one of the menu choices across the top, it goes to "Set
Frame" The main text changes,  the sidebar changes and the top panel
stays the same.

Problem: If you search on our service, using Google, you get a
specific web page. When you click on that, you get the web page, but
WITHOUT the top panel and the sidebar.

Our web site, it works:

Google search, for:  "211 alameda county", you get:
When you go to this specific web page, it's not correct because it's
missing sidebar and top panel.

What can I do about this?

I guess what I want is:
When you click on/choose a specific page, the sidebar and top panel
should also appear.

Other ideas?


Re: sidebar not appearing

Bill wrote:

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You have discovered the biggest reason why "Frames are Evil."

See what Google says about that!

Like this one:
Scroll down to "Search engines"  but read it all, though.

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Re: sidebar not appearing

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And in terms of solutions, you can use a CSS-based two-column
layout with header. If you don't want to have to copy paste
the header and side bar between pages (especially if you have
lots of them, and only one small change to make), you can
look into server-side includes.  All this has been discussed in
this group many times, so a Google search should pull up lots
of good information.

Re: sidebar not appearing

In article

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First and simplest thing you can do is make sure you have a link
on the non side-bar frame that directs to the frameset that
includes the sidebar for when searches get the content frame
without the nav frame

Next thing you could do is make all your links load to a whole
frameset (rather defeating the purpose of frames)

Yet another thing is to ditch the frames technology altogether,
you are already seeing one of its big drawbacks.

But don't act like a sheep and just do this because others abuse
frame users. Be a man, stand tall and courageous for as long as
you can. If you do this, you better read:


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