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I'm looking for help here or suggestions for elsewhere regarding setting
the WWW folder.

I want to have multiple pages and need to know the best way to set up
the  alloted WWW folder so that all the various pages aren't all tossed
into the same spot!

It should be obvious that I'm new at this! (grin)


Re: Set Up of Web Server File

Piedmont wrote:

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I think you'll have a better chance at an answer in alt.www.webmaster.

But it's a slow night so...

I deduce that your ISP has assigned you space for your site inside a
folder named 'WWW'.  Different ISPs will have different folder
structures, so you shouldn't assume everyone's experience will match
yours in this regard.

Most web sites have multiple pages, so that's not unusual.  It is also
not unusual to put them all into one folder.

If, however, you plan to have several diverse topics, each with multiple
pages, physically located at one site, then you may want to create
sub-folders within the top ('WWW', in your case) one.  For example, you
might put some personal information directly in the WWW folder, but
place information on specifics into other folders, like:
   - Genealogy
   - Kite flying
   - Care and feeding of gerbils
   - Critique of the witness protection program

You could have links from your personal pages into these sub-folders or
you could leave them unconnected and point people to a specific folder
only when they have an interest in the topic it contains, thus creating
several mini-sites.  (Note, however, that astute users will be able to
truncate the URL pointing to such sub-folders and get back to your main

Your ISP should have given you some technical clues regarding how to
upload pages into the 'WWW' folder and how to create additional folders
in it.  If not, ask them.  Or ask specific questions on this thread.

If I've misinterpreted your problem, post again in this same thread.

Chris Beall

Re: Set Up of Web Server File

Chris Beall wrote:
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You've been very helpful and I appreciate your assistance!



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