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What I'm trying to do is for each page I want to have a dynamic include

that is derived from the current document name.

Example, for a page named foo.shtml I want to derive the following
include statement:

<!--#include virtual="/foodir/foo_incl.htm" -->

So <!--#echo var="DOCUMENT_NAME" --> gives me the filename (foo.shtml)
and what I need to do is take the foo bit and append _incl.htm to give
foo_incl.htm and then use this in an SSI include.

Any help most welcome and appreciated.

Re: Server Side Include (SSI) Include Help wrote:

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Don't. If you do this (and it's possible, although not with PHP) you
will badly affect the server's ability to cache the merged document,
thus affecting performance.

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That's a static include then, not dynamic. The document doesn't change
name very often, does it?   Strictly it's a large number of individual
static includes, one per document. No connection between them, but
they're not dynamic.

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Then set your documents up like this manually. It's very easy, just a
little time consuming. Personally I have a good editor, so it would be
no big deal. If you really have thousands to deal with, write a line or
two of Perl to process them for you.

I'm also puzzled as to why you need such an include. It's certainly
possible to do it, just odd as to why includes (usually a mechanism for
sharing common code) need to be used here to embed a lot of distinct
documents in other distinct documents ?  Why not just paste the content
directly in?  Could you embed foo.html inside foo_incl.html instead
(assuming foo_incl changes by some data export process and foo doesn't
as it's just a header?)

Re: Server Side Include (SSI) Include Help

Andy Dingley wrote:
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Trust me I do need it. You point on caching is very valid and I'd not
thought of that side-effect. I'll jyst manually add them,

Thanks for your post and advice.

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