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Can anyone recommend a good tutorial that takes webmasters through the  
current techniques for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? The techniques  
seem to have evolved dramatically since I learned them several years ago.

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Re: SEO tutorialls

On 1/6/2014 4:14 PM, Rhino wrote:
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I am not sure such a tutorial would be of any value.  The operators of
search engines are constantly trying to defeat SEO.

David E. Ross

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Re: SEO tutorialls [OT]

On 7.1.2014 2:14, Rhino wrote:
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I'd start with feeding Google the following words:

"good tutorial that takes webmasters through the current techniques for SEO"

and see what happens:

as expected.

I'd start and stay there. Feed the same phrase to Bing, if you feel a  
need for a second opinion. Or a reminder of the power of information.

Best wishes, Osmo

Re: SEO tutorialls

On Mon, 06 Jan 2014 19:14:01 -0500, Rhino wrote:
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SEO is simple -- have content, use header tags <h1>, <h2>, etc, use  
valid HTML, and don't use Javascript.  Evil as Google is in Usenet,  
it actually seems to do a pretty good job of rewarding Web pages that  
don't try to play tricks.

I regularly get emails from acquaintances who did a Google search for  
something and were surprised that my pages came up at or near the  
top, yet I have never spent a moment on trying to improve my search  

Google "how samples vary", for instance.

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Re: SEO tutorialls

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That might benefit from being expanded a bit.  I presume you mean "make
sure the site is 100% functional without javascript".  I don't think
that using client-side scripting /per se/ has any impact on search

I like to test with scripting and CSS off.  The page resulting page
should be usable and have all that right content, properly marked up, in
a sensible order.


Re: SEO tutorialls

On 1/7/2014 4:37 AM, Stan Brown wrote:
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My experience is similar. I spent a hour or so writing a short paragraph
for my home page describing what the site is about and using the key
words I wanted, being careful not to over use them. After that, I only
developed content, without any thought to SEO. I rank number 1 in Google
for all of my most important key words.

I think my placement in Google is largely because of the high number of
sites that link to mine. I got those links by writing content that
people want to link to.

My HTML validates. I use very little Javascript.

Other than that, I have done nothing to promote SEO.

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