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I have a floated column on the left and a left floated main section
next to it.  I have some left floated elements in the main section and
sometimes I want to clear an element so that the subsequent elements
will not be floated, but still remain floated next to the left hand
column. . However, when I add "clear:both" to an  element in the main
section, it clears not only the other elements in the main section,
but the left hand column too. Everything form that point on is below
the bottom of the left hand column. How do I clear just the items in
the main section ?

Re: selected clearing

On 24 Jan, 16:36, wrote:
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1.  Post a URL to an example. This makes it easier for people to help
you. Not surprisingly, the best people are also busy people.

2.  Read for guidance on most
issues with CSS box model and especially float / clear.

3.  This is a CSS issue, not really HTML. Posting to c.i.w.a.s would
have been more appropriate.

Re: selected clearing

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Re: selected clearing wrote:
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Make the main section a new "block formatting context" with overflow:

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