Searching perl script which calls web page and forwards to me / displays with adjusted URL...

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My company where I am working offers an internet access but filters out some web
pages like ebay
by a firewall. So I cannot access ebay auctions web page directly.

However I have access to another server which is NOT filtered out by our

I am searching now I perl script which I can install on the third party server
and which acts as
an intermediate broker between me and ebay.

For that I want to enter the real ebay address into an entry filed on a web page
on the middle
server. The perl script should fetch the entered ebay web page, then change the
ebay URLs inside
and display the modified page to me. When I click now on some links inside the
web pages the new link should be transferred to the middle server which in turn
gets the next page
and so on.

Does there such a perl script exist?


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