Searching for HTML Editor/Tool with integrated file/project-management features

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Hi Group!

Here I have a big chaotic web-project where all 500 files are lying
around in on directory without any structure. On the content-level there
is a structure, the whole thing is divided into ten parts. I have to
bring this content-structure onto the level of the file system so that I
can divide the whole thing into 10 small packages for piecewise
Because of the many references between all those HTML-files I definitely
will miss lots of them if doing that manually. Years ago I used an old
version of Dreamweaver (3?) for moving HTML-files in big projects around
because it automatically updated references.
Now I'm searching for a tool that does exactly that, keep the references
if I move files around into subdirectories, do renaming operations and
so on. Does anyone know such a tool for free?

Thank you very much!

With kind regards,

Re: Searching for HTML Editor/Tool with integrated file/project-management features


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Hi Chriss,

 I use Dreamweaver 8 and it still does a fantastic job automatically
updating references. So when you change one file name it will change
the other 499 linked files for you.

 There is more than a little resistance to Dreamweaver in this NG, but
it really does the job. Mind you now that Adobe has taken over I hate
to think what version 9 will bring.

    All the best,


Andrew /

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