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We are a public utility institution established by virtue of the
Securities Law. The Company oversees securities' registration,
deposit, transfer of ownership and clearing and settlement.

The website and the mail server are both hosted in U.S.A. The COMPANY
wishes to improve its website and increase the size of e-mail
pops3/webmail accounts. The COMPANY site is static as it only includes
text pages (SHTM, HTML, PDF, Word Document) and images and we wish to
make it dynamic. The COMPANY site is hosted on a Windows 2000 servers
and opening the pages of the site is very slow. Due to the above
reasons we seek to improve the COMPANY site including hosting issues.
Thus, the scope of work that will be required for the project is as
follows web hosting and the connectivity with the existing environment:

A- Web hosting/Mail hosting and Redesigning the existing web
1. 500 MB Disk Space
2. 50x POP3 Account with 10MB size
3. 5 GB Data Transfer
4. Front page support
5. ASP support
6. Custom 404 Error page
7. Web statistics
8. Operating system Windows2000 or UNIX

Would you please provide us more about the web hosting issues in your
company such as: Speed and Reliability, Backup system, Primary internet
connection, Server Hardware, Support and Service.

B-The COMPANY web will have Public area and private member area.
Public area includes general information posted on the COMPANY website
that can be viewed by the general public. Public Information will be:
Information such as News, Events Databases, etc., the COMPANY will have
the ability to update them through the administration area.
Information from COMPANY's database: Members information, Statistics,
Glossary, etc.
- Public users will be able to search by categories, Member name and
- Users will be able to search the statistical data by Data type, year,
bonds or shares and month for the current year.
- Glossary of terms for the COMPANY data to be developed where the
COMPANY can add, update and delete new terms.
- The interface will be bilingual.

Private area will be dedicated to those who have been assigned a user
name and password where the logged on user may access the public area
in addition to specific information regarding that person such as the
transaction statement. Members will be able to register only by going
to the COMPANY offices and filling up an application this won't be done
online. Members will be able to view information regarding the
Market Value
Statement of Account
Other reports to be specified at a later stage.
The existing Network and Hardware structure at our COMPANY location
have the following: Firewall PIX 515E with DMZ, Oracle9i Rel.2, Oracle
9i Web application server running on pSeries AIX 5.1 and xSeries 232
Redhat Advance Server 2.1

I need help in writing an RFP for the above requirments
regarding the Private and Public area, Can any one help me in this
Issue .... I would really apprecaite.

any suggstions are really appreciated !!


Re: RFP web design

This is the purest example of the "Peter Principle" I've ever come
across.  Clearly, you're out of your depth here.  Try buying some books
like "Web Sites That Suck".  You should read about bad design and good
design, then write about what you want the site to do.  Be aware that
most web developers don't bother reading specs--they just create a site
and tweak it from there.

Hire someone who has a clue.

Good luck.

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