Resource to search HTML code for links to a specific file

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Hi All,
I am wondering if anyone knows of an online search tool (or software to
download) that can do the following?

I need to search all html files in a web site directory (live on the
Net) to see if any of the pages link to a specific file.
Basically I am working on a web site that doesn't have any existing
documention to show what files link to what, and I need to start
retiring files, etc. I need a way to search the HTML code for pages to
see if any pages link to a file before I delete that file.

It would be similar to a link validator, except it would check for
links to a specific file instead of looking for broken links.

I know you can download the pages to a local computer and do a search
that way, but for a variety of reasons this is not a practical
approach. Trust me, I wish it were this easy :)

Or perhaps someone knows of an existing script or something that can be
tweaked to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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