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Hi all
i am having problem in html page.
I have two html page one containing link to other.
I am using href to display new page and using target as _blank.
I want to open new page in maximized mode.
But new page is getting opened in restore mode.
Can someone tell me how to open new page in maximized mode.
Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Resizing window wrote:

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Oh dear.

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Its a browser setting, you have no control over it. (Thankfully since almost
no webpages look sensible at 1600x1200)

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Re: Resizing window wrote :
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What about the users/readers of your website? What do they prefer? What=20
if they prefer to have new pages opened not maximized so that they can=20
notice that a new browser window instance was created by your website?
Assuming user data persistence by the browser (and this is settable by=20
the user), when a new window is opened without positions and dimensions=20
set, new window dimensions will be the same as the dimensions of the=20
most recently rendered window. So, let's say, the user loves 600x400=20
secondary window: then your new secondary blank window will open on this =

user's screen at his preferred 600x400 dimensions. Isn't that nice?
And if the user loves instead maximized window, then your new secondary=20
blank window will open on that user's screen at his preferred maximized=20
dimensions too. The important thing for that second user is to notify=20
him in advance of this, so that he does not get confused when that=20
secondary window opens. That is what usability and accessibility gurus=20
and WAI recommend:

(link broken to avoid scrolling)

     *  "If your link spawns a new window, or causes another windows to=20
'pop up' on your display, or move the focus of the system to a new FRAME =

or Window, then the nice thing to do is to tell the user that something=20
like that will happen." World Wide Web Consortium Accessibility=20
Initiative regarding popups ( =
     * "Use link titles to provide users with a preview of where each=20
link will take them, before they have clicked on it." Ten Good Deeds in=20
Web Design ( ), Jakob Nielsen,=20
October 1999
     * Using Link Titles to Help Users Predict Where They Are Going=20
( ), Jakob Nielsen, January 1998

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