REQ: HTML editor to reorganize directories suitable for a CHM eBook compiler input.

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Here you can find a good tool for chm creation /

You must not to create subdirectories. Just add all your html-files
from one directory and structurize the TOC as you want and then
compile to CHM.
No need to change links between files.

Try it and you?ll like it

> I have an eBook which I need to create a CHM version for. It
> contains hundreds of HTML files.
> Can anyone recommend a HTML authoring tool which will allow me
> to create new directories and sub-directories, to move the
> required files there AND to update all links automatically
> between files (to and fro) as those files change directories?
> Eg. Should I use Dreamweaver or GoLive or something else to do
> this.
> The current book had hundreds of files which are nearly all in
> the root directory (eg. several files per chapter). I want to
> reorganize these into the following structure suitable for a CHM
> file:
> preface
> part 1
>  Chapter 1
>   topic 1
>   topic 2
>   etc.
> part 2
>  etc.
> appendix
>  appendix A
>  appendix B
>  etc.
> Index
>  A
>  B
>  C
>  etc.

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