REpresenting chemical Structures in HTML

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Is there a way to do this??  I would like to stay away from XML is possible.
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Re: REpresenting chemical Structures in HTML (The Doctor) wrote:

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Please start with explaining the question in the message body. Do not
imply anything you said on the Subject line; the Subject line is like
text on an envelope.

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You need to explain in more detail what you mean by "REpresenting
chemical Structures". Usually examples are useful in explaining
such things.

But as the first rough approach to an answer,
- anything you write in a linear notation can usually be written
  in HTML sufficiently well (e.g., H<sub>2</sub>O)
- anything two-dimensional is probably best presented as an image
  or some other embedded object.

For example, see
which unnecessarily uses an image, inside text, to present a linear
formula (perhaps because the author did not know about &middot;) and
which contains two-dimensional formulas for which an image is needed.
(Though the page incorrectly leaves out the alt attribute.)

See also: "Math in HTML (and CSS)", /

Yucca, /
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